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Perennial Favourites

Alchemilla                    Bergenia

Agapanthus                 Delphinium

Foxglove                      Astilbe

Lupins                           Hosta

Heuchera                 Sweet William

Salvia                             Verbena

Phlox                             Verbascum

Penstemon                   Armeria

Euphobia                      Geraniums

Sedum                          Geums


Perennial Plants are a favourite in gardens and borders, they provide a lovely amount of colour and coverage thoughout the summer.

Perennials are a plant that are enjoyable year after year an come back more established each time.

These make a perfect choice due to their versatile styles.

We are lucky enough to grow and provide with a vast selection of various sizes available.

Our perennial prices start at  just £1.

Look out for our perennial deals too!

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