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house plants

House Plants

Cacti and Succulents      Rose

Ficus (varieties)              Calathea

Sansevieria                   Peperomia

Ivy                            String of Pearls

Alocasia                           Aloe

Dracaena                     Scindapsus

Monstera                        Ferns

Crassula                          Yucca

Dieffenbachia               Strelitzia

Kentia                            Bromelia

Philodendron            Begonia Rex  

Epiphyllum                   Echeveria

Fittonia                       Parlor Palm 

House Plants

House plants are wonderful addition to the home.

They create that light and airy feel to the room, the feeling of being outside and bring a little colour too. 

Most house plants require minimal care too.

House plants are proven to reduce stress levels and boost concentration and productivity.

Not only do house plants look pretty and decorate your home beautifully, they can make you 

feel good too.

We always have a good selection of house plants available in our nursery

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