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               BONSAI TREE

Japanese Maple       Fukien Tea

Chinese Elm            Redwood

Azalea                    Ficus

Bougainvillea           Ginkgo

Wisteria                  Xanthoxylum

Podocarpus             Lorapetulum

Larch                      Pine

Savin Nurseries have a passion for plants, so in 2005 we got a new hobby, Bonsai's. Over the years we have collected an impressive selection of all different sizes and styles for you all to see (indoor/outdoor) flowering to evergreen shrub, starting from just as little £9.95 up to £2500. Remember these are trade prices and the size of each plant will reflect that

Bonsai plants are relatively easy to look after, and bring years of happiness whichever Bonsai you choose.

Indirect sunlight but a nice bright position, out of draughts, maintaining a nice temperature all year round.

The placement will depend on time of year, plants etc too.

Water moderately, but depends on each Bonsai, size and variety etc.

Pruning will be needed to keep you Bonsai in shape.

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