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Cacti and Succulents


A perfect addition to any house.

These are a great plant for a beginner with minimal care needed to make them flourish.

If being repotted, we would recommend a mixture of compost, grit/sand to give a great drainage system for these.

We always have a good selection of cacti available as a firm favourite with the customers.

We have them in single small pot for just £1 each, right upto some large £49 and lots inbetween.

We have cacti and succulent gift planters available at our garden centre too.


Cacti are also a great plant for a beginner and part of the succulent family so would need ptrety much the same amount of minimal care.

Lovely addition to a window sill or somewhere with an ample amount of light.

Packed full of beautiful spines and some varieties even flower.


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